Pros and Cons of Dog Potty Training Spray Reviews

Dog potty training spray reviews are often sought by dog owners when they want to use the spray in the training process. Training a dog is an important step in order to make the dog obedience. A dog training is also used to teach dog to urinate in the right place, it is called the potty training or housebreaking. If a dog is not potty trained well, there is a high possibility of the dog becomes wild and uncontrollable, especially when it is time for the dog to urinate. Instead of doing it in the right place such as in the litter box you have prepared earlier, the dog will simply do it everywhere they like. Your house will surely smell bad because of the dog pee.

Dog Potty Training Spray Reviews

There are many methods and tools to potty train a dog, including using whistle, dog training spray, and so on. Dog training spray becomes more and more popular these days. It is because the method is seen to be effective enough in order to potty train a dog quickly. If you want to know more about this training spray method, below is more information for you.

  1. What is a Dog Potty Training Spray?

Basically, this dog potty training spray is a sort of spray you use to encourage the dog to urinate in the right place. This is a really effective training aid to help you as the owner of the dog during the housebreaking. You do not need to use too much hard works anymore to make the dog urinates in the appropriate place. This kind of spray is usually made for both indoor and outdoor use. Thus, making the door urinates outside the house or inside the house (in a litter box, for example) can be done easier.

  1. Kinds of Dog Potty Training Spray

There are two kinds of dog potty training spray that work equally well. The first type is the attractant spray. This spray is specially formulated with ingredients that will attract the dog or the puppy and encourage them to urinate in the proper place. To use this spray, you simply spray the product on the puppy training pad, litter box, or on newspaper where you want the puppy to urinate. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. You can also spray the product on the yard so that the smell of the product will attract the dog outside and make him urinate there. The second type of the spray is quite the reverse of the attractant spray. It is called the deterrent spray. This spray will basically repel the dog from urinating in specific spots inside the house. Say for example, the dog has really bad habit of urinating on the couch. This annoying habit will drain your energy because you need to spend more and more time cleaning the couch. Thus, to “teach” the puppy or the dog not to pee on the couch again, you can spray the deterrent spray all over the couch. This will basically prevent the dog to urinate on the couch again because the formula apparently smells really bad for the dog, but not for the owner of course. This deterrent can also be used on carpet or other spots at home where the dog usually urinates. In numerous dog potty training spray reviews on internet, dog owners appreciate both the attractant and deterrent sprays because both of them work really well and helpful during the housebreaking.

  1. Buying or Making DIY Training Spray?

Today, there are a lot of dog potty training spray products. Many of them can be bought quite cheaply as well. Buying the products will be a better idea than having to make your own DIY training spray. A lot of useful dog potty training spray reviews, many people state than buying the spray is an effective way to speed up the housebreaking process. Usually, the spray is made from ingredients such as deionized water, preservatives, and either deterrent scent or attractant scent. The scents are specially formulated and thus if you want to make your own DIY spray, you cannot precisely copy the scent. However, if you think that making the DIY spray will be more beneficial for you, you can try making one anyway. To make the deterrent spray, you can use ingredient with smell that dog cannot stand, such as vinegar. The sharp smell from the vinegar will eventually prevent the dog from urinating in an inappropriate area. All you need to do is combine one part water with one part vinegar into a spray bottle. Shake well and there you have your own DIY deterrent spray for the dog. Making the attractant spray is a bit more complicated than making the deterrent one. It is because basically you have to find the scent that will attract the dog. Some of the scents people find helpful to attract the dog is fresh grass scent and ammonia. Fresh grass scent is great especially when you want the puppy to urinate outside the house. The scent is going to make the dog gets used to the smell of grass and thus encouraging them to urinate outside the house. Ammonia is basically what urine is all about. Yes, the smell of ammonia is close the smell of urine. Dog loves this smell and tends to urinate in the place where he can smell urine. This is why using ammonia, as the attractant is quite effective. Making the DIY attractant spray needs ingredients like water and the attractant. That is why you need to find the fresh grass scent or ammonia first. Ammonia is quite easy to find because it is a common chemical ingredient for many projects. However, the fresh grass scent is probably harder to find. Some essential oils have close smell of grass but not the same with the real smell of grass. That is why it is better for you to use store-bought attractant spray. Many dog potty training spray reviews suggest the store-bought one as well.

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