Rescue.Me, a Trusted Chihuahua Rescue Ct

Rescue.Me has a credibility as a good Chihuahua rescue CT. You may search the internet and find that the only Chihuahua rescue organization in CT is Rescue.Me. Reputation wise, this is the only big organization that allows you to adopt Chihuahua around CT. But, before you decide to adopt a Chihuahua, here are some things you should know so the organization can let you adopt your desired dog.

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Pay great attention to your kids when there is a Chihuahua near you

You may probably have heard that if you have kids or children as your household members, you should get a Chihuahua puppy. This may be true because of their playful behavior, but the truth is quite the opposite. It is true that adult shelter dog is full of unknown quantity so people tend to buy puppies. Some information for you, puppies have high energy so they tend to mouthing or chewing a lot. Paired with their sharp teeth, Chihuahua puppies are likely to be your kid’s worst enemy. You may have heard or see yourself that a puppy can destroy a blanket or stuffed animal easily in a short time. Imagine this happened to your children. Although the dog’s intention to pay with your children is good, but their excessive energy and uncontrolled biting behavior may not be tolerable to your children. On the other side, most adult Chihuahua already lost their playful side so they will be much calmer than the puppies. When visiting a shelter dog or having a visit to the foster parent house, you can see if the dog’s behavior towards your child. You can check the Rescue.Me site for your preferred adult Chihuahua that suits your house.

Your goods should also be put in consideration

As mentioned before, puppies have terrible mouthing and chewing behavior. Aside from their biological needs to chew, they also tend to be playful. Putting that together, we can conclude that your puppy won’t know the difference between your Air Jordan and their favorite blanket. Of course, you can train them so they won’t have that bad behavior. If don’t have the time to train them, it is best to avoid puppies and go for adults instead. But, if you can utilize this bad behavior from a Chihuahua puppy (or basically any puppies), you can have it as long as it is not harming your children and goods. Make sure that you put your precious and valuable things away from its reach. It is better if you adopt a puppy because you have certain things that needs to be destroyed or hunted, since your puppy will mostly do the job quite well.

Leaving the house often is something that should be your habit

If your house is often times being in an empty state, it is worst to get a puppy. This is because most puppies must be taken out and walk around for at least once in every two hours. Imagine that, once every two hours. This is certainly kill your time and energy a lot, if you are not dedicated enough to have a puppy. Doing this walk can reduce the chewing and mouthing behavior because the puppy’s energy has been worn out because of the walk. Also, you should know that x-month old puppy can hold their bladder in x-hour. So, a 3-month Chihuahua can hold its bladder around 3 hours, up to eight to ten hours. Having a puppy is great if you are a retired worker, working at home, or you can take your puppy with you. If you really wanted to have a Chis puppy but still leave your house often, you can get an adult Chihuahua from Rescue.Me and find the one that suits with your dog and lifestyle.

Chihuahua Rescue Ct facts to help you

It is best that you do some research and not listening to myths and rumors about adopting or having a Chihuahua. By knowing the truth, you can avoid as many mistakes as you can, and your Chihuahua will be your best dog ever. Here are some good facts before getting yourself a Chihuahua.

–       Rescue group or animal shelter is a great place to get purebred Chis

–       “For adoption” adult Chis or puppies are no different to “for sale” Chis

–       Chihuahuas in shelter are not there because they are bad

–       You don’t have to buy a Chihuahua puppy, they are sometimes available for adoption.

–       Adopting a dog is the safest option if you have a child.

It is always possible for you to get a Chihuahua in a shelter, even a Chihuahua puppy for adoption. You should set things straight that dogs in shelter is not bad, it is a matter of luck. Maybe the owner of a Chihuahua can’t manage the dog well even if they already going through training, so the owner gives the dog to the shelter. Another thing is that if a dog owner is passed away and the dog always grieving to its previous owner, which resulting the dog to be handed to shelter to find another happiness. There are a lot of if and should have when it comes to a shelter dogs. But the point is that the dogs in shelter or those dog’s advertisements in rescue organization sites are not bad. Even most of them are healthy, friendly, and well-behaved because previously they are also a house dog.

Chihuahua rescue organization such as Rescue.Me provides you with a lot of choices and option, especially for those Chihuahua lovers who lives around CT. You may find one that suits your lifestyle, children and your other pets if you have any. Pay attention to the description because some foster parents may want your other pets to be spayed or neutered and have been through complete vaccination.  You should be able to inform yourself to the foster parent as detail as you can so the foster parent can let their dogs with relieve. Make sure that you meet all the requirements from the rescue organization and foster parents. You can go to Rescue.Me and search for your favorite Chihuahua because the organization is considered as a great Chihuahua rescue Ct.

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