Satisfying Dachshund Puppies for Sale near Me

In attempt to drive my bored away, looking for dachshund puppies for sale near me could effectively work. As a puppy lover, dachshund puppy is one of the best pet you can keep as your companion at home. Why? Found the answer on the explanation below.

Dachshund Puppies For Sale Near Me

Know about dachshunds

Dachshunds are well known for their unique appearance. They shaped like a sausage with long body and small legs. With their unique form they always perform a cute expression, moreover when they are running around. Dachshunds also marked as a playful and intelligent dog. Besides loyalty, they also loved to give fun and surprises to their master from their behavior. Dachshunds are actually the hunter dogs with a strong sense of smelling. A pack of them could be used to track a wild boar. Even so, they are also perfect as your family companion or a friend to play small game hunter.

Because of their sausage form, Dachshunds sometimes called as sausage dogs. Other common name of them are wiener dogs or doxies. Dachshunds are breed into two sizes. The first one is in standard size and the second one is in a miniature size. The length of their coat varies from smooth haired, wirehaired and also longhaired. With these many variations, you could pick one up as you like.

They come in a various color of coat. For the first, they could be covered in a red coat that range from light chestnut to deep mahogany. They could also have chocolate coat with long red hair as the base. Some dachshunds might come in cream coat that vary from buff to butter color.

Usually, dachshunds in this color have a dark nose. If you ever seen one with the combination of cream and red color, then a dachshunds in that coat is included in wheaten color. Common coat having by smooth haired and wirehaired dachshunds is the wild boar color. The tan color comes in many combination such as black and tan, chocolate and tan, fawn and tan and also blue and tan. What we mean by bleu here is actually smoky grey color with tan points. They could also born with lovely chocolate and cream or black and cream color.

Dachshunds’ characteristics

A Dachshund can grow their height to 8 or 9 inches (at the shoulder). If you raised them properly, they might weigh approximately from 16 up to 32 pounds. A healthy dachshunds can life 12 to 15 years long.

Dachshunds will adapt easily on your apartment house. Besides, they could get along well with your family and children. However, they are not quite tolerating with stranger. So do not force them to play with people outside your family at their first meeting. Since they have a good sensitivity, you need to pay attention to their health when the cold weather comes. On the other hand, they can adapt well on hot weather.

Grooming treatment for dachshunds

The grooming treatment you give is based on their coat type. All you need to care about grooming is to give this treatment to them regularly because their coat tends to shed quite often. If you do this treatment by yourself, indeed your dachshund puppy will get closer to you and respect as their owner, but it is also fine if you do not have enough time then choose the offer from professional groomer to take care of their coat. Other thing you need to pay attention is the trimming. Ensure that you trim their nails to avoid overgrowth or even cracking. You also need to check their ears regularly. Guarantee that their ears always clean to avoid any infection. Do not forget to brush their teeth regularly too.

Mind their food

Adjust the food portion to their age since they need different formula for each digestive phase. For your information, nowadays many dog food companies already developed a specific food formula for dogs. It comes in four kinds, which are giant, large, medium and also small dog breed. As for your lovely dachshunds puppy, you only need to give him the small one.

It will also be a better choice if you consult to a vet or a dog breeder. Determine their meals frequency and the best diet you can do to maximize their long life. It is also important for you to always provide clean and fresh water for them.

Give them a proper exercise

With their playful and curiosity, dachshunds will change your bad mood to be a happy day. However, you should not forget their nature as a hound dog. They need an obedience training to avert them of being a stubborn pet. Here, all your patience persistence is needed. Even if they are known as intelligent animal, training dachshunds might not as easy as what you imagine.

The easiest exercise you can do with your dachshund puppies is by taking a walk. You can do it everyday to the park or along your complex. Other fun thing to do is by playing hunt game with them. Their instinct would not disappoint you. You could also play ball or fetch daily to make them move their small legs. If you life in an area with small forest, it is also good to take them there and let them chase squirrels, deer or any animals they could found.

Look after their health

As long as you give them proper exercise and food nutrition, you are at least one step closer to save your dachshunds from any kinds of diseases. Dachshunds are rarely to experience diabetes or back and joints problem, but still you need to get a clear health information from the breeders or from the vet. When you buy your dachshund puppy online or from your friend, you need to check not only his health but also his parents’ health record. It is important to avoid the presence of hereditary diseases.

Those are all important things I guess you need to know about dachshund puppies before making them as your pet. Be their friend, and they will makes your day better. I hope a brief explanation of my experience in finding dachshund puppies for sale near me will inspire you to have one.

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