Service Dog Training Programs – Should I Train My Dog?

When we talk about a pet which is very friendly, we may have the same opinion. Yup, that is a dog. If you have dogs in your house, it must be very fun. The dogs in our home, will entertain and make us happy. Not only that, when we are stressed because of rough days, dogs will always become a mood booster.

Service Dog Training Programs

However, there is a serious problem which usually occurs in the society. What it is? It is when our dogs don’t obey and ignore us. Fortunately, to help you face that kind of problem, there are Service Dog Training Programs which you can take. Here, the training services will be very helpful for your dogs now and later on.

Why should I train my dog?

There are some agencies which offer some services to train your dog. If you take a training program in an agency, your dog will be assisted by private trainer. Here, your dog will be given training programs in order to make your dog become friendly. Not only that, there are so many advantages which you can get if you put your dog into training place. Moreover, what makes you happy besides your dog will obey you. In addition, the training programs which have to be done, will not make your dog becomes stressed.

Can I leave my dog while being trained?

Actually, leaving your dog while he is being trained is not a good idea. Because you have to make an emotional bond, the best answer for this question is no, you can’t do that. Even though your dog is assisted by a professional trainer, your dog does still belong to you. Not only that, if you join or check the training programs which are being conducted, you will be able to know the progress. Moreover, a service dog gives the service to the real owner. So, if you are not involved in the training programs, the result will be not maximal.

Besides, a service dog has to be trained day by day and forever. Here, the training itself is never done – long last and ongoing process. When the training programs have ended, you have to proceed the training in your home. This is the other thing which you can get if you place your dog in the training center. What is it? You can learn from how the professional trainers train your dog. Even though you may be not a professional, you can teach your own dog in your home – by yourself.

What kind of services which are offered?

In common, there are four purposes which are offered by a dog training center. These four purposes, are very useful and helpful in our daily lives. Because of it, the level of obedience skills of your dog, will also be perfected and expanded in this place.

  1. The Seizure Alert Dog

This kind of service will make your dog has a capability to warn the oncoming seizure activities which can be seen immediately, and help you walk to the safe place. Here, the capability to warn you from the oncoming seizure, will be essential for you in the forthcoming days. Besides, the abilities of your dog will be determined in the training center. Why? Because it aims to know whether your dog is able to sense the oncoming seizure or not.

  1. The Cardiac Alert Dog

When we talk about this field, it definitely relates to the health. Your dog will be able to detect the change of your blood pressure. In this case, if your dog has an ability to detect the levels of blood pressure, you can take an earlier medication before your disease appears. Besides, it will inform you when you have to lay down, take a little rest, and elevate your legs as well.

  1. The Diabetes Alert Dog

As the name that we have written above, a dog which has been trained well, will have a capability to alert the diabetes as well. Here, your trained dog will be able to detect the level of blood sugar even at the 70 points. At this level, you can conclude that your blood sugar level has dropped to the lowest level. However, this condition still doesn’t bring you to the crisis situation. So, when your dog has an ability to sense your blood sugar, you can take an action and medication earlier before the condition is worse.

However, there are some requirements which you need to take this kind of training program. The requirements that you must have, such as you are already diagnosed having type 1 of diabetes, you are over than 16 years old, you have two to four episodes of low blood sugar, you have no problems with the medication and testing protocol. In addition, the last thing you have to agree is you are willing and able to join the training sessions regularly.

  1. The Companion Dog

This is the most common thing that you have already known before. Yup, your dog will be trained to improve his companionship and an emotional support. Different with the service dog which we have described before, this kind of dog doesn’t have the rights of public access. Here, a home companion dog is taught to give services for the people who have neurological or health issues. Generally, your dog has a capability to accompany autism children.

How long the time of training takes?

In common, to train a service dog will take one to two years of training. This can’t be done instantly because your dog must be trained to mitigate your disability, and must have good behavior in the public. Which means, the main points which have to be taught are good behavior and good service. Not only that, your dog will be taught to have a good obedience for you.

How much the cost of training takes?

When we talk about the cost which we should pay, it is relative. It depends on the training centers and the training programs which we choose and take. Normally, the cost that you have to pay for the Service Dog Training Programs is around $5000. Here, the services consist of food, vet bills, training expenses, treats, and even toys. Here, if you are worried about the cost, you have to remember that all services are provided to make your dog become a well trained dog.

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