Start the Collection with Bulldog Salt and Pepper Shakers

Bulldog salt and pepper shakers can be your first collection if you start to collect the shakers of salt and pepper. So, if you already decided to start the collection and then you realize that the task will be so long and hard. Well, you should take a breath for a moment. You probably will need to cost before finally start to gather the collection. Actually there are so many options for this kind of collection. Of course you should enjoy the process. It can be long but it will be fun. You always know how it feels to be the collector by only starting to be one of them.

Bulldog Salt And Pepper Shakers

How to start the collection

Some collectors of salt and pepper shakers will collect them that are made of similar material. The most common materials used by the manufactures of the shakers are the wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, and metal. If you just want to collect that kind of material then all you have to do is start looking. The rest will be easy though. You will also find the salt and pepper shakers with bulldog figure. Sometimes you can also find them on the internet. As I have said earlier, just keep looking because you will find what you look for.

Some people also start looking based on the manufacture years. These kinds of collectors will look for the shakers based on the different periods. The most famous are the shakers from before 1950 and after 1950. The other collectors also start to look for the shakers from 1960 and 1970. Of course this thing is pleasing but I believe it can be much more difficult from the previous method. You also need to look for across the world since it can be spread all over the world. You will also need to visit the auction websites such as eBay. The eBay is one of the websites that allow you to see the auction timeline. If you are lucky, you can swaps your collection with others and arrange a meeting with other collectors.

If you want something a lot easier, you can try to collect the salt and pepper shakers based on the type. There are also so many collectors that try through this way. The most common types of shakers are such as the go-together shakers, stack shakers, hanger shakers, and kisser shakers. And of course they are produced by many different manufacturers. Commonly the different types of shakers are based on the themes. This is why the collectors love to collect it based on the types. Besides they are easy to consider, it is a lot easier than the shakers collection based on the manufactured dates. For example, the kisser shakers are related to mother and daughter shakers or grandma and grandpa shakers. This kind of shakers definitely can be found online. Online shops also provide so many types of salt and pepper shakers. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you will find the salt and pepper shakers with cute bulldog figures. It will be an excellent collection after all.

But if you decide to purchase anything from online store, just make sure that you buy it from the trusted and responsible seller. Once you find the best source, you will fill out your chart so easily and your collection will be more and more too. You can also purchase any other items related with your pets like clothing, hats, and poodle skirt for your collections.

How to clean the salt and pepper shakers

Sometimes you can use your collection for your daily life too. But even though you do not use it, you still need to clean them. Cleaning the salt and pepper shakers is not as same as cleaning the dirty dish. So, in this section I will show you the simple yet effective way to clean the salt and pepper shakers. First of all, you will need several tools and additional equipment. Do not worry because you can find the tools at your kitchen after all.

Before cleaning them you will need:

  • Dish soap
  • Two bowls in small shape
  • Brush for bottle
  • Baking soda
  • Clean cloth
  • And clean towel for dish

Since the shakers are supposed for the food, it has to be safe. You have to clean it by using safe cleaners. Dish shop, however, is not 100 percent safe for cleaning the salt and pepper shakers. But if I compared it to the other cleaners available in nowadays, the dish soap is considered as the quite safe though. So, the liquid from mild dish soap will rinse away thoroughly. It will not leave any unsafe residue then.

To clean the shakers, you can start with filling the sink with hot water combine with e few drops of dish soap. Put the body of the shakers into the water with soap. If the tops of the shakers is made of metal, you can wash them down too but not for too long. Wash the inside of the shakers’ body with the clean cloth for dish. After that you can rinse them thoroughly with clean hot water. After that, you can put it on the clean towel for dish. You will need to brush the inside part of the shakers by using the bottle brushes. Once you have done with the scrubbing thing, you can rinse it with hot water one more time and put them upside down at the drying rack.

If you want to make the shakers made of glass look clear, you can fill the shaker with hot water and one teaspoon of baking soda. It is safe and you just need to wait for one minute. After it is done, you can repeat the rinsing method like I explained before.

Well, you can always put it on the dishwasher after all. But if you live your collection, I believe you would do it in manual method to make sure that they are really clean. No matter how you gather the collection or what the base of your collection is, it is important to keep them clean. You also have to clean your collection of bulldog salt and pepper shakers.

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