Teacup Chihuahua for Sale near Me – How to Take Care of Them?

Teacup Chihuahua for sale near me will probably help you find the puppy you like. Chihuahua is kind of cute but sometimes they can be really loud. Their sizes are so small than the other dog kinds. But well, teacup Chihuahua is not the kind of official breed though. They just grow to be smaller than others. This condition is sometimes led by certain health condition of the dog itself. Thus, you will need to take a really good care of them. Other than that, you have to give special care and gentle treatment to any smaller dog, after all.

Teacup Chihuahua For Sale Near Me

So, in this article I will give you some tips related to this kind of breed. It will be helpful for you before you find the sale of teacup Chihuahua near your house and buy them for your lovely pet. Just keep reading this article.

Providing daily care for the Chihuahua

Getting or adopting new dogs in your household, it is important to consult them with the veterinarian. It will help you to gain the care recommendation so your dog will be healthy in your hand. Healthier dog makes happier dog. Other than that, our dog will be needed vaccination. By consulting with the veterinarian, you will be suggested to bring your lovely dog for vaccine. Vaccines will help your dog to guard itself from virus that can lead to serious illness. You will never want to see your dog got sick.

When it comes to the time to feed your teacup Chihuahua, just make sure that you give them enough food. It is better to be enough than too much because Chihuahua tends to be overweight so easily. The small figure and frames are just what this dog should be looked like. So, do not ever think to give them more foods because you want them to grow bigger. Bigger means overweight after all. Most teacup Chihuahuas are less than 5 pounds. You also need to measure their weight regularly.

Small dogs tend to get stressed so easily and so does Chihuahua. People would like to carry them wherever they go just because they are so small. But sometimes (and often) it makes them get so stressed out. The well-being and the health of the dog can also maintained by reducing their stress level. But if you still want to carry them a long, just make sure that it is comfortable and not too crowded. Other than that, it is better to not handing your dog other stranger. By stranger I mean stranger for the dog. They can be more stressful though.

Since Chihuahua is small dog, you should also know that they have smaller bladder too. It means that they will need more often bathroom break than the golden retriever. They can make you clutter with mop on your hand and pee on the floor. It will be also helpful if you set the timer in the regular intervals during the daylight. The timer will remind you of the bathroom breaks for this tiny dog. Bathroom breaks mean a lot to them.

Every creature in this world needs the proper exercise and the Chihuahua is included one of them. It is important to make sure that your dog gets enough exercise to keep them healthy. The adult dog of this kind will need 30 minutes exercise in a day. You can take them for morning or afternoon walk. For variation, you can also take them for swim. Swim is good for the heart but you should monitor your dog during the swimming session. It is highly recommended to use the harness rather than the collar, for your Chihuahua’s good.

Aggressive and a bit snappy could be the reputation of Chihuahua especially the teacup dog. But for your information, big dogs can also get so snappy and somewhat aggressive too. You better be concerned about the syndrome of small dog too. For example, you should treat your Chihuahua’s snappy and aggressive behavior just like what you will do with the big dog. Smaller shape does not mean less dangerous for sure.

Chihuahua sometimes gets shivered too. It will be a good idea to consider the sweater. Their small body makes them tend to get cold. Making them get used to the sweater from the younger age will be highly recommended.

Recognizing common health problem of teacup Chihuahua

You should treat your dog gently and with care since Chihuahua is so small and prone to injury. This dog also tends to have brittle bones due to the techniques of breeder. Their body is so small and if you dropped them (even just once and accidentally) it can be so fatal. This is why you need to take extra good care of them, just to make sure that your dog is not getting injured. You can start with using the brightly colored harness so your dog can be easily noticeable. If you notice pain and swelling area on your dog’s body, please immediately bring them to the vet.

Dog also suffers from blood sugar level. They can get really low blood sugar sometimes. In order to prevent this condition, you can start with splitting their foods. For your information, steady supply of food will keep their blood sugar in stable condition. And if it is possible, you better feed them 4 times a day without have to increase the portion though.

The signs of hypoglycemia on your dog are such as the dizziness, weakness, and sleepiness in extreme interval. They also get hungrier too. If you see things like that, it is better to bring them to the vet immediately. You never know if your dog is diabetes or hypoglycemia, so the vet is a good place.

Displacement of kneecaps is also the other issue of Chihuahua or other small dogs. You should watch out about this condition. The signs are such as hopping or liming along when they are walking.

Well, you are probably still looking for the suitable Chihuahua for you. But it these tips make you more prepared in teacup Chihuahua for sale near me.

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