The Best Dog Food for Chihuahua Puppy Based on the Age

Every animal owner must definitely pay attention to several things, one of which is food. Food is very important for the growth and survival of pets. Feeding should also be tailored to the type of animal and of course the animal’s age. Of course the adult animals and their puppies are different. Every pet has a different type. We take dog samples. Dogs have different types such as Siberian husky, Chihuahua, bulldog, etc. Therefore, this article will present information about the best dog food for Chihuahua puppy.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahua is a very small dog with a good system that needs to be fed appropriately. The amount of food to be given to Chihuahua depends on the weight and age of the dog. Determining the right Chihuahua meal schedule is very important to note by this cute dog owner.

The Basic Rule in Feeding Chihuahua

In general, Chihuahua food should contain an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals, especially in the growing period and development of pet animals. The right balance of ordinary food elements cannot stand, so be sure to buy vitamins for animals. To understand various specialists will help you in the veterinary clinic.

– Products that enter the Chihuahua bowl, should be natural: in many ways this is similar to the inherent diet in human beings, following the rules of a healthy diet. For the most part there is a wide variety of cereals, protein products, small amounts required and vegetables and by-products and dairy groups. An alternative to these can all speak balanced dry foods, but they are advised to buy only after consulting a specialist. In this situation, the price does not mean quality, and even at the same price threshold it is important to choose to target developing Specific breed and feed age.

– Regardless of what you eat Chihuahua, you must provide constant pet access for fresh water, typed in a separate bowl. Changing its contents should be up to 4 times a day, especially if you have a small dog house, whose strength should be very soft and all the products are consumed the body – fresh.

– The freshness of the food is relevant to the main food. Based on the fact that Chihuahua – decorative stone, is inherent and negative qualities associated with the process of consumption of the product. This dog may eat too much, do not know when to stop. At the same time, they are very fussy and can Has a taste of almost individual exotic taste.

– For this reason, a full bowl before eating from scratch, and the quantity of food is measured precisely to not work too much. Dogs can eat at once, and then long to suffer from overeating. As long as the break between the feeding bowls should remain empty.

– Separately, it is said about the fastidiousness of Chihuahua in terms of food. Often it happens that the animal begins to refuse food, eat only a third portion. If this is not related to health, it will be realized in the general lethargy and the same symptoms, so it includes the worst quality pets.

– Do not indulge this desire: no need to offer others Options instead of people who refuse pets, try to eat again within half an hour. Just clean the bowl and not feed the Chihuahua for the next meal. If this is an adult dog will be held 10-12 hours that he is hungry and in any case should accept the fact that the owner filed.

Feeding Chihuahua needs a lot of attention especially when it is under the age of 1 year because it is different from the adult one. To know more about how to give the best food for Chihuahua based on the age, consider the following explanation below.

– A half year Puppy and younger

The combination of dog food and milk from Chihuahua’s mother is the best food combination for Chihuahua puppies under a half year. Giving dog food constantly can be started from the puppies under 3 months or when its weight is under 1 kilogram. It can be done three or four times a day until it reach the age of 6 months. Chihuahua puppies need a lot of calcium, protein and calories to grow and stay healthy.

– Over a half year Puppy

After reaching a half year, the owner can feed the dog less than before. Chihuahua puppy that reach six months until 1 year only needs to be fed twice or three times a day. Feed the puppy at the same time every day, it means that the owner should make the consistent schedule. This can train the puppy to eat and take a pup correctly.

– Adult Chihuahua

The owner can feed adult Chihuahuas two times a day, in the morning and at night. Try to give them food at the same time every day and give them 30 minutes to eat the food. Giving too much dog food is not advised because it can make increase the weight of the dog. If it happens, it can affect negatively to the dog.  .

– Feed the best Chihuahua

Chihuahua food is the same as the other dog. Puppy must be given the special dog food that is formulated to the body growth and then continue to the adult dog food. In choosing the dog food, check the ingredient first. The main ingredient must be meet and at least less seeds. Adult Chihuahua needs ¼ until ¾ cup of dry dog food in every meal time.

Those are the explanation regarding with the best dog food for Chihuahua puppy. Hope this article can give the readers many benefits and help them in giving food for their Chihuahua puppy. Remember, feeding pets can be done without rule, there is a rule in feeding pets especially rule of size. Be happy with your pet and have a nice day.

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