The Best Food For French Bulldog Puppies

Some must have wondered what the best food for French bulldog puppies is, but first, we need to know about this particular breed. French bulldog is one of the most popular breeds throughout the USA in this recent 10 years alone. If one has to rank it, then French bulldog is ranked at 6th in the country. This is stunning progress since it was not even in top 30, while in 2003 it barely reaches 54th.

what do you feed your french bulldog

Short Introduction to French Bulldog Breed

French bulldog, or Frenchies for short, were known from back in the 19th century. They originally were bred from England tiny toy bulldogs and local dogs from French. Those ‘local’ dogs may include Pugs and Terriers.

Around 1890 the French bulldog breed was established and brought to America Continent since then. Back in 1890, they became popular with French-American and in 1989 they were accepted by AKC. Soon, they became widely popular for a while, but after some time, people lost their interest and this breed was forgotten for many decades, until now.

You can recognize Frenchies with their special features such as bat ears and slightly rounded flat head. They have good and friendly personality, playful, clever and lovable. They are known for their calmness, thus perfect for you who have kids. A great family pet that can be easily raised in the apartment.

They have rather small but muscular build, perfectly match with their easy-going attitude. Thus, it is easy to train this cute little creature, as long as you can keep the training fun. Though they are playful, they are more likely spend their entire day on the sofa.

Yes, they are intelligent, but because they tend to do everything in its own way, they are not a perfect choice if you want to raise obedient dogs, even though it’s still not impossible. Also, with their stubborn personality, it will be rather hard to budge them when they decide to do something.

Because of their carefree nature, if you want an outdoor dog that can be left on its own for some time. Then this breed is not a good choice. Also, like most bulldogs, they have a certain possessiveness traits and can be territorial, so don’t be surprised if they are hostile to unfamiliar dogs.

How to Feed Frenchies Puppies

It is highly recommended to feed your adult Frenchies from about 1 up to 1.5 cups each day with high-quality dry food. It will be best to divide it into two-time meals. But, the amount can be varied, depending on the age, size, metabolism, diet, build, and their daily activity. After all, dogs are just like us, humans, they have their need depending on each individual. The quality is what really matter, better quality food will give more nourishment than the less one.

For puppies, surely they have different needs than the adult. Sometimes they eat more twice the amount of what the adult need, due to growth stage (birth up to around six months old). Some people even say puppies, in their first week, should have up to two grams food per pound when their weight are twice as much from their birth.

Usually, in terms of nutrients, food for puppies have much more protein composition than the adult food. It also composed with high vitamin, fats, and minerals to support their extraordinary growth. But, it also depends on the brands and the quality, though for commercial food, it has to meet a certain standard from Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

The general rules of buying are you will get what you pay for. So, generally, for most cases, the more costly the puppy food is, the better it will be. They have better ingredients and sometimes improved to be easily digested. It will best to ask your veterinarian for a better opinion. You can also buy puppy-labeled food or regular food with ‘for all life stages’ label.

Small dogs are famous for being fast-growth, much more than bigger breeds. So, you can also consider breed-formulated dog food. Small-breed formula usually concentrates nutrition in tiny and bite-sized yet still meet the basic body needs. Larger breed food usually created to match their gradual growth, enough to maintain the development of bones and muscles. For average stature, like Frenchies, it will be between those two.

For small dog puppies, you can use the rule of thumb to feed them, around 25 Cal of food per pound. Bigger breed puppies need at least 30 Cal per pound, and for active Frenchies, you can increase it up to 33-35 Cal per pound, because you need to maintain their weight. But, if your Frenchies does not really active, then it will be better to feed it around 25 Cal per pound, to prevent overweight. Remember to regularly visit your vet for better checkup.

Suitable Food Nutrients

Puppies always go well with protein, especially from high-quality meat-based food. Okay, maybe your Frenchies does not really need that much protein since it rarely active anyway. But, still, protein is the most important nutrients for your dog, especially in puppy stage, the golden rule is to look for 25% protein or more puppy food.

You can also look for carbohydrates based food, most of the time it will come from complex plant sources, such as sweet potatoes. It will be a better choice than corn and soy-based one, because French bulldog is not that well matched with them, due to digesting problem.

With their short coat, Frenchies are good with omega-rich fat food, but it won’t be as needed as long-haired breeds. However, if you feed them with too little fat quantity, then your French puppies are prone to develop brittle and fur, so you can give them as least 5% fat on the meals.

Those are some tips to give the best food for French Bulldog Puppies, so they will develop into a cute, playful, happy dogs. Always remember, if there is any sign of malnourished, then you should visit your vet before it’s too late.

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