The Best Puppy Training Columbus Ohio

Some people are wondering when do they have to start puppy training, at what age? Why puppy training is important? Why should puppies get an obedience class? Where is the best puppy training Columbus Ohio?

Puppy Training Columbus Ohio

Some owners often worry about giving their puppy decent accessories, bed, treats, and toys. But, many of them rarely think about the importance to teach their puppy. Indeed, a puppy surely need tasty nourishment, balanced nutrition, safety, warmth, but little they know that puppy also need a strong and respected pack leader. So, here are some answers for your questions, along with some tips to train and maintain an obedient dog from young.

At What Age Your Puppies Should Start Their Training?

What is the best age to start training your puppy? The right answer is immediately! You need to train your puppy as soon as you bring it home. You can start with house training first. But if you think that you need a professional, then you can always look for the best puppy trainer near you residence.

Puppies generally start learning from the moment they open their eyes, as soon as they can walk. Although, the younger the puppy is, the harder it is to train, because young puppy have short memories and attention spans. But, do not worry, you can start the training with some simple commands such as, “sit”, “stay”, and “down”. Some breeders even handle the training right away after its birth, so it will be easier for the owner. Puppy is capable to learn from an early age, so it won’t be an issues to start earlier.

However, some formal puppy training delay the dog training until the puppy reach at least 6 months. But, the truth is, 6 months of age is a very lousy time for training your puppy, cause it will missed the opportunities to learn the best behavior you would like it to have. At that time, it will begin to solidify adult dog’s behavior. Moreover, if it has already been wrongly trained, you still have to re-teach it.

Be the Pack Leader

Like their ancestors, puppies are instinctively following a pack leader (a strong, consistent, stable entity, doesn’t have to be a dog, a normal human can be a pack leader in their eyes). The commonly mistakes of the owners is, when they are in home, they tend to spoil and mush with their dogs, despite being a strong personality in their jobs. It is one of many reasons, why their dog won’t listen their command.

Puppies can naturally sense our confidence level. They will “overthrown” us if they sense our weakness.  Although when they are mature, this ability is indeed useful, cause they will console and comfort you when they sense your sadness.

But, with puppies, when they sense your weakness, it can lead to chewing things, anxiety, excessive barking, and other bad behaviors. So, the main thing you have to do, is to become its pack leader.  You have to demonstrate you domination as early as you can, doesn’t have to reach 6 months old or when he is bad.


Most of puppies, sometimes can’t help themselves to housebreak at any place in house. But, do you know that all dogs are natural programmed to never housebreak in their dens. At around four months old, they can easily grab the concept of housebreaking, so you can train them to housebreak on a specific place.

You have to train the puppies to housebreak in a familiar and secure place, you can train them first thing in every morning. Bring them outside to same area over and over again, every day, because it is important to be consistent so they can pick up the habit.

Once they do it successfully, be sure to reward them with a simple treat or a simple approval, to teach them that it is a good behavior. But, always remember, if they can’t housebreak properly yet, to never punish them. Quietly move the puppy from the current place, to the area you want it to go.

Dog walking

Some breeds are tend to have health issues, for example, bulldogs. So, it is necessary to exercise your puppy. You can walk before it to emphasize your position as its pack leader, because if your puppy walk before you, it will think that it is the pack leader, not you. You must be the first one, either out the door or come in.

Should you consider using training class?

Even though you can start your own house training for your puppy, sometimes, you need a better training program for your puppy. Say it due to your tight schedules, you don’t have that much time to even simply train you puppy, resulting in it became bad behaved.

With professional trainers, they can demonstrate better techniques and guides to the training. The also can advise you on your puppy’s problem. Even more, they can help your puppy to take an advance training program and exercises. Not to mention that having a training class for your puppies is an excellent way to socialize the puppies.

Some classes even forced the pet owners to join and practice along with their puppies. A training class can be a suitable place for both the puppies and pet owners to meet and socialize, exchanging notes to one another and see how the other puppies behave. The puppies also can meet some new friends in the class, since primary period for socialization is in 3 months age.

Moreover, you as the owner, can learn how to prevent some dog’s issues. You also can visit these “friends” to exercise together or social play. Remember to take a vaccinations before your puppy attend a class, to prevent getting some health problems.

Those are some useful insight on why you should train your puppies so they can develop a good behavior. Remember to not rush things, and if you don’t have enough time you can always look for a training class. There are plenty puppy training Columbus Ohio near you place to look into.

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