The Best Way To Potty Train A Puppy: a complete guide

Are you a big fan of dogs and their puppies? Or Do you own a dog and their puppies? Do you need to know the Best Way To Potty Train A Puppy? Either way, you might want to train your dogs from they are young, so that you still can be able to maintain your house clean without worrying on any droppings that they make or you can even try to train your dogs to fetch the morning newspaper for you! It is all sounds so great, however, the Best alternative way To Potty Train A Puppy takes a great deal of patient. Potty train your puppies requires positive reward system and consistency with your schedule. This is due to the fact that you want your puppy to develop a good and loving attachment towards you. You do not want to be hated by your puppy, right? So, you really need to do it right and gently to begin potty train them.

Best Way To Potty Train A Puppy

How long does it take to train a puppy?

House training for your young pet varies between puppies. Some puppies might only need to be trained for around four to six months, while others might need a year to be able to follow your instruction. So, how do you know how long would your puppy need to be fully house trained? Well, the first and one of the best predictor on the length of time they would need. If you have a small puppy breed, they might need a more intensive attention because they have small bladder. They are also high in metabolism, so it requires them to go for bathroom break and go outside. For bigger breeds, they are less prone to the frequent bathroom break, as they have slower metabolism.

The next indicator that you can look at is your puppy previous potty habits in the past. If you adopt a puppy from animal shelter, you might need to give your puppy a time to adjust because it is a very different situation between the shelter. Be patient when you first adopt your puppy because you need to break your puppy’s old house training habit before being able to take on your house habit. you do not have to worry whenever you are facing any setbacks. All you need to do is to continue the potty management program for your lovely new pet by giving rewards when your puppy follow your instruction.

When is the best time to start training your puppy?

If you were just adopted a new born puppy and wondering when is the earliest time that you can start to house train him or her? Well, expert dog trainers suggest that you can start to potty train them as early as 12 to 16 weeks old. This is due to the fact that most puppies have already able to gain enough control their bowel movement and their bladder, as well as starting to learn how to control it. However, if you were just adopted a puppy that is older than 12 weeks old, you may find it to be more difficult to train them. This is due to the previous habit of the puppy who were most likely to live in cages and you need to reshape the behaviour of your puppy and you need to reshape his or her behaviour.

How to potty train your young pup?

So, here we go! These are finally what you have been looking for, steps that need to be followed in order to house train you young and lovely pet. A few dog training experts suggest for you to decide on a specific place and define that spot as the only place at your home where your puppy can do his or her potty business. Or you can also ask your puppy to go outside, whenever he or she needs to make some droppings. That way, your puppy will learn that he or she is not allowed to make a dropping on any other room of the house. That is a great news for you, right? This way, you can keep your house clean as well as having a lovely companion when you get home.

Along with the defined and specified potty spot for your puppy, you will also need to teach some consistency and discipline to your puppy by creating a regular feeding schedule. It is recommended that you would not give him or her a continuous filling of the meal plate and you need to be consistent with your schedule. If your puppy does not seem to be hungry at the time, you can teach him or her by putting them on leash and take away the meals that they do not finish. Next is for you to take your puppy outside for at least 30 minutes to one hour in the morning or after every meal. During night time, you may want to make sure that he or she already went to satisfy their bladder before going for bed.

The other tip is to always be aware on how your puppy reacts before they do their potty business. Once you have identified such reaction, you now are able to identify every time your puppy feeling that they need to do their business. Once you have known how he or she would react, you can direct them directly to the defined and specific potty place that you have set up. Your puppy will eventually learn that such place is his or her only place to go to potty. They will so can feel his or her scent on that specific spot so, they will go to that defined spot next time. You also need to bear in mind that you need to give him or her a treat if your puppy has successfully does their business in the intended spot. Your reward can range from a praise, pet him or her, rub their belly, or giving them their favourite snacks. So, that is the Best Way To Potty Train A Puppy, all you need to do now is to try and be consistent.

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