The Canine Patrol: Chihuahua Rescue Va

Chihuahua Rescue and Transport is one of the biggest Chihuahua rescue in Va. They already rescued a lot of pets, especially dogs with Chihuahua breed. Although there are also a lot of pet rescue in the area, the Chihuahua Rescue and Transport (CRT) is considered as the most dedicated organization to rescue Chihuahua in Va. Here are the things you should know if you want to adopt Chihuahua from the organization.

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Do not expect to get your first dog on your application list

Because the organization wants to make a permanent adoption to every dog they have, CRT needs to know what kind of dog owner you are. Then, they will know what type of Chihuahua that suit your lifestyle and surroundings. Also, CRT won’t let go any dogs that are not ready to be adopted.

Your Chihuahua will be neutered and spayed

The organization is dedicated to do spay or neuter to every Chihuahua that want to be adopted. Puppies are quite rare in the CRT’s shelter, and also you will get an increased adoption donation if you want to get a puppy. Note that there will be no exception regarding this rule.

Adopting the dogs outside VA

The CRT won’t compromise adoption outside the area that the organization can’t reach. This is because CRT needs to do home inspection and survey to ensure the dog’s life quality. If you don’t meet the requirement, CRT won’t let the dog to be adopted. The CRT will take things into details when it comes to surveying your place. Also take notes that CRT won’t let any adoption if the new home is too far away from the foster home. This rule is absolute because the CRT is a well-known organization and has a lot of experience regarding adopting a rescued Chihuahua.      .

What to do after submitting application

After submitting the application, it is mandatory that you have to email the contact person of the dog you’re interested in. If you can’t find any, you may contact the CRT page and email the coordinator for your area.

References and vet will be given to you by the CRT

Of course, the CRT will take note about your personal vet and references. Based on your online application, CRT will verify all of the mentioned references and vet. CRT also requires you to have other pets that have been spayed or neutered and already have all the vaccinations needed. So, if you have unsprayed or unneutered pets, CRT won’t give you permission to adopt because this is also one of their strict rules. The rules also applied to your cats, so you should pay attention before adopting. All of the dogs that you possess should be free from any kind of worm, especially heart worms. If you buy a heart-worm medicine for your dog, CRT will ask you the copy of your purchase history.

There is a mandatory visit before adopting

The CRT will give you a time when they will do the home visit. This is a mandatory requirement from CRT, so you cannot adopt any dogs from the organization if you miss out the visit. Refusing the visit will cancel your application. Also, you should have all of your family members and pet on your house when the visit is ongoing.

After the home visit

The home visit report that have been submitted submit will be given to the coordinator, foster parents, and board of the director. After the home visit is done, the report will be checked then the coordinator and foster parents will discuss about the adoption. The final decision of whether or not the dog will be adopted is up to the foster parents.

Adoption status

After they accept the report and willing to let go the dog, you need to sign adoption contract and pay a $200 donation to help other Chihuahua on the organization. If you adopt a puppy, the donation fees will be increased because they need extra care before being neutered or spayed.

You cannot have said adoption as a gift

CRT cannot tolerate any adoption dogs to be given to other person. If your certain person wants the dog, let them fill the application form and you can do the donation fee as the “gift” to them.

What to do when the email application is not responded

If you already submit the application, you can try to re-send the application to your local coordinators. Keep doing that until your application is responded.

Why a certain Chihuahua Rescue Va cannot be adopted

The regional will decided if the dog can be adopted by you or not. This is because every Chihuahua can’t live well in every household. Here are some things you should notice when adopting Chis.

–       You should have full responsibility of your household.

–       Can show ID’s that has your address and phone number.

–       Know your neighborhood and their lifestyle.

–       Provide the money and time for the dog’s health and life.

–       Accepting the dog as the member of the family and provide an indoor home.

–       Accept that Chis in CRT are spayed or neutered

–       Accept that CRT won’t tolerate unneutered or unsprayed other pets

–       Accept that your pets should get every available vaccination.

–       Know the children’s age restriction for having Chihuahua as a pet.

–       Giving a name tag to the adopted dog as soon as possible.

–       Giving the adopted dog good environment.

–       Accept that the CRT can either reject or accept your demands regarding the adoption.

The CRT, as a pet rescue organization, of course has strict rules regarding the adoption of their rescued Chihuahua. This is because they don’t want the dog to be suffered just like when the organization found or rescued them. Make sure that you fulfil the requirements from CRT. Have your pets spayed or neutered and vaccinated, pay attention to your surroundings, and you should have the money and time so your adopted dog can live well and happy. Clearly, Chihuahua Rescue and Transport is one of Chihuahua Rescue VA that you can trust.

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