The Guide for Dogs Owner: Sweaters for French Bulldogs

Sweaters for French bulldogs are basically necessary since the dog has small body. The small posture needs more warmth so their body will not be attacked by cold so easily. The height is about 11 inches up to 1 foot tall on their shoulder. The weight is about 16 up to 28 pounds. They can live from 11 up to 14 years in average.

Sweaters For French Bulldogs

The French bulldog is described as the companion dog with a very long history. It is initially bred in England and it is supposed to be the mini size of bulldog and be the company of the lace-makers from England to France. Beside as the companion dog, French bulldog also serves as the perfect rater but in nowadays the dog’s job is only for the cute and fabulous dog for friend as well as the show dog. It can be touted as the rare breed of dog so if you want to bring this dog home you have to be on the waiting list before.

Everything about French bulldogs

French bulldog has the unique appeal like the ear with bat shape. Well, even though the other breeds are aesthetically pretty good and glamorous yet showy, French dog has beautiful eyes as well as the other attributes that make them the best companion dog you can find the world for nowadays.

As I have said earlier, the French bulldog has small body shape but they are so substantial in build with the strong and muscular body. Their coat is short and easy to take care which is the great support for their easy going personality. Besides love to play around, the French bulldog also loves to spend their days on the sofa for relay matter.

Their attitudes that love to play and relaxing are also affecting their training sessions. The French bulldog is really intelligent and smart. It makes the training process becomes so easy as long as you can make it like a game since the dog loves to be in fun environment. They also love to think freely and you cannot put them into competition for agility and obedient. Since they are the free thinkers, it makes them stubborn sometimes. Once they want to dig into the heels then you can never budge them though.

Well, this dog loves the owner so it can be an excellent companion for a family. They love contact with human especially their owner. But this dog breed is not suitable for you if you like the dog that can be left for long time periods without human contact during the time. As I always say from the beginning of the article, the god loves and enjoys the presence of human and they want the love of its owner. It makes the French bulldog breed easily gets along with everyone as well as kids. Sometimes they can be a little bit possessive of the owner especially when they sense the other dog presences around them. So, of course socialization is one of the important things for this dog. But you will be so impressed since the dog is a good companion even when you start the socialization.

Highlights of the dog

  • They should stay in their healthy weight but you do not need a lot of exercise. Routine walking schedule will be highly preferred.
  • Hot days are not the days for French bulldogs since they can handle it very well. So, you have to monitor them in order to prevent any overexert thing due to themselves.
  • French bulldogs are basically easy to train since they enjoy fun things. But sometimes they are so stubborn. You need to be patient and firm when you train this dog.
  • Cleanliness is not a thing you can do with this dog. French bulldog is commonly drooling, shedding, and also flatulence. Besides, they can be so hard to be housetrained too.
  • French bulldog is generally very quiet. They bark but it is not that often even though there will be something to break in every rules.
  • Since this dog is not barking that often, French bulldog will make the exceptional apartment dog.
  • Even though supervising the dogs with young kids is an important thing to do, do not worry because French bulldog handles it very well with kids.
  • This dog is a wonderful watchdog but sometimes they can be territorial too. They love to be the center of attention that sometimes could be the problem of behavior stuff.
  • French bulldog is basically a good companion and they also love the human contact. Do not ever leave the dog by themselves for a very long period especially without the human contact.
  • If you want to get the healthy do, make sure that you buy the puppy from trusted and responsible breeder, pet store, or puppy mill.

How to take care of French bulldogs

As I have said on the earlier paragraph, the French bulldog does not need too much exercise. They basically have very low level for energy but it can be different from one and another dog. In order to keep them in ideal weight, the owner have to take them on daily walk every afternoon or morning. The playtime in the yard will also be the good exercise time for French bulldogs. Most of French bulldogs will enjoy playing and they also love to spend their time in so many activities. But this dog cannot be exhausted in heat. When the temperature is high, do not play with them too much.

The dog is so smart and they really like to please the owner eagerly. But just like what I have said, they can be so stubborn sometimes. It will need several kinds of techniques in order to train this breed but it will be succeeded though. You have to be patient to train this breed. They love to play around so you can make the training looks like a game. Treat will be highly recommended and so helpful. But when the day is hot, you cannot put the sweaters for French bulldogs.

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