The Know-Hows of Dogs: Rottweiler Puppies for Sale in GA

You can found a lot of Rottweiler puppies for sale in GA. But first, you have to earn the basic behavior of a Rottweiler. Then, you should search a Rottweiler that suits with your lifestyle. It is important for you to look for a dog that suits you well, especially puppies, because it will represent how your dog will behave. Of course you don’t want to have a bad behaved dog. So here are some useful things before you get a Rottweiler puppy.

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In Ga

What should you consider in choosing Rottweiler puppies?

Although there are several issues regarding the bad behavior of Rottweiler, it is still one of the famous dog bred across the US. Rottweiler is famous because of its love towards its owner and family.  There are several things you should consider when choosing puppy Rottweiler, especially if you are currently never have one. The big first step when choosing a puppy Rottweiler is that they won’t shy or go away when you approach it. IT is better if the puppy feel comfortable when you hold and handle it. Ask the owner or breeder to see its parent before taking it away. Observing the puppy’s behavior is important because you want a puppy with good behavior, friendly, and easy to touch and handle.

It is important that you ask the breeder how many times the mom has been bred since when the mom bred more than three times, there could health and behavior issues that you want to avoid. Large breed dogs can be affected with hip dysplasia, which is extremely expensive and also painful to you and the dog, so it is better to check its back leg.  It is important for you to ask for health certificate, especially if you want to buy a puppy because all puppies should have one to prove their health. Healthy looks and well fed puppy should be your priority when choosing a puppy. Shiny and clean coats, white teeth, and pink gums is a sign of healthy puppy.

Rottweilers are a medium – large sized dogs and have a strong build. Also, they are famous for its power, making it useful as a guard dog too. The average of a male Rottweiler is around 95 to 135 pounds with the height between 24” to 27” at the shoulders. On the other side, the female Rottweiler can weight from 80 to 100 pounds with height around 22” to 25” at the shoulder. All Rottweilers have tan markings on cheeks, muzzle, chest, legs, and over both eyes mixed with black in the entire body outside the tan area. Rottweiler has straight and medium length coat with various undercoat depending on the climate.

Rottweiler is well known for its calmness and confidence. Because of that, Rottweilers are fun to play with and guests won’t feel afraid when Rottweiler is walking around your house, as long as you don’t do threatening move towards the dog or the household members. They are not too shy or highly excitable, so it is a good choice for those who want to get a first dog. Intelligent and obedient, Rottweilers are easy to train and often times follow your household members from room to room because of its great affection towards them. But, you have to give them proper training and socialization as soon as possible to neutralize its power and size. Abnormal behaviors such as shy, nervous, hyperactive, or excitable are not good especially in Rottweiler.

Atalantahaus Rottweilers is possibly one of the best place to get a Rottweiler.

So, after you know how Rottweiler behaves and its general knowledge, it is time for you to get one. If you are currently live in Atlanta, GA. there is a place where you can get an imported purebred Rottweilers. Atlantahaus Rottweiler and its partner, Zwinger Vom Schutzlowen-Blut are a good place for you to get your desired Rottweilers. Ranging from puppies to adult Rottweilers, they provide all kinds of it with a description about the behavior of each dog. They are Rottweiler breeders and importers based in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlantahaus Rottweilers is one of trusted Rottweilers seller across GA. Every year, they have four to five Rottweiler litters and offer a lot of German Rottweiler puppies from many Rottweiler breeders to their customers. Don’t be afraid if you don’t understand about how to treat your Rottweiler since they also can give you advices, support, and any expertise in order to let you live with your beloved Rottweiler.

As an info, the Atlantahaus Rottweilers have their own work and show kennel. Because they only choose a very good dog for the show, the numbers of Rottweiler puppies is getting up and they decided to sell the puppies to their customers, with an intention to add a champion Rottweiler puppy everywhere across the country. You may don’t know that the selling of Rottweiler puppies is not the main income of Atlantahaus Rottweilers. They have exhibitions and performance here and there and by doing this, they hope that they will get a lot of customers with various type of relationship.

When you decided to get a Rottweiler from Atlantahaus, they will give you suggestions based on your preferences and goals. The Atlantahaus only breed German Rottweilers with their own needs and perspective without limitations to achieve the highest level of German Rottweiler breeding that they are capable of conceiving. In this place you will get a natural and high quality breed of German Rottweiler because Atlantahaus is not going for pure profit and loss when it comes to breeding their Rottweilers. Atlantahaus thinks that breeding based on pure profit and loss won’t give you a high quality Rottweiler breed, so in this place you are guaranteed to have one. Atlantahaus provides you with quality German Rottweiler breed without thinking profit.

So, the important thing before getting a puppy Rottweiler is that you should know your needs and lifestyle. Calm, loving, and brave is three words that can describe what kind of dog Rottweiler is. It is a good dog for first time dog owner because they are easy to train and rarely have bad behaviors. If you are in Atlanta, check the Atlantahaus Rottweilers because they offer high quality Rottweiler puppies for sale in GA.

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