Things You Haven’t Known about Miniature French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Absolutely, you will check miniature French bulldog puppies for sale before you choose the puppies. The big question is, are you sure to raise miniature French bulldog? Have you already known the facts about that dog race? This article will breakdown all about miniature French bulldog puppies you should know. We are going to give you some information about the facts, the price and how to raise miniature French bulldog well.

Miniature French bulldog has Latin name, it is Bouledogue Francais. The name shows that this dog is from French. But the fact says that United State and England have given bigger role in breeding this kind of dog. Historian claims that they were crossed to terrier or put dog. The number of Miniature French bulldog was increase. They were breed to eradicate mouse. But nowadays, they are raised as pet and people’s mate. About the physic, miniatures French bulldog have fluffy feather, flat nose and solid bone structure. They also have ears like bat and short tail. About the weight, they are less than 15 kg. And the height of miniature French bulldog is 30cm.

adopt miniature French bulldog puppies

Miniature French bulldog is one of popular dog race. The race is in 18th in United State and first place in Los Angeles. French bulldog also becomes the fifth popular dog according American Kennel Club. The unique fact you should know is, Warren G Harding is the only one of United State President who raised miniature French bulldog. He named the dog Oh Boy. Other fun fact is, Brigitte, miniature French bulldog that played as Stella in Modern Family TV serial is the first bulldog that win Golden Collar. She beat the man at the award. Bulldog also the most popular mascot that is used by University and sport team such as Uga, Mascot of University of Georgia, Sonny Seiler who is known as the advocate of Jim Williams in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. There are many actors and actress raise miniature French bulldog puppies such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, Ashley Olsen, Reese Witherspoon, Zac Efron, and Martha Stewart. A luxury restaurant in Catalonia, Spanish was named ElBulli, that is the name of French bulldog that own the land of the restaurant.

Miniature French Bulldogs are frequently found dead in flight because of respiratory disorders. Few airlines allow passengers to bring their pet with them, but most airlines do not allow it. Bulldog can also get various medical conditions like hip dyplasia. Hip dyplasia is the abnormal growth of hip joints. The condition will get worse if the owner can’t raise them well. More than 80% of bulldogs are delivered by caesarean section. The big size of bulldog head including miniature French bulldog puppies because they can’t be delivered normally. You have to do extra treatment because miniature French bulldog puppies can get the disease like flue, respiratory disorder because their stomachs are big. Having trouble with hot weather and it is dangerous for them to swim.

Even though Miniature French bulldog is susceptible to disease, many people still choose them to become their pet and also friend. Miniature French bulldog is cute, compassionate, curious, funny and smart. They can hang out with strangers and other pets and of course with their owner. Miniature French bulldog puppies need the owner to be their pack leader. If their owner is passive, they will become stubborn, aggressive and rude dogs. They can be trained if the owner can calm, assertive, consistent and patient. Don’t give the appreciation if you find them doing things you do not want them to do. As the owner, you can correct them in calm and authoritative.

Miniature French bulldog is one of clean dog race. They will avoid puddle. They are also friendly with children. Talking about the treatment, you need to bring them go for walk every day. Running around the park is not enough to satisfy their migration instinct. They are really like running and playing but they do not like hot weather. They will be playing alone if you ignore them for hours.

Raising them is not as difficult as you think. The treatment of the feather is the same as another dog who have short feather. You can just swipe the feather with the liquid Dettol. The feather is not sensitive if you as the owner clean it regularly. You can take them to shower once or twice a week. Things that you should notice are, miniature French bulldog puppies has flat nose that make the shortness of breath. They also can’t stand to hot weather but they can be raised in tropical area as long as the circulation of the air in your home is good. Talking about the breeding, miniature French bulldog’s is more difficult that another dog race. To wed miniature bulldog usually use artificial insemination. It is because bulldog has short breath so it is hard for them to wed in normally.

If you want to adopt miniature French bulldog puppies, first you can find the community of miniature French bulldog lover. Do not think to go to dog shelter because the miniature French bulldog race are hard to find. Don’t ever adopt puppies from newspaper advertisement without coming directly to the owner home. You have to avoid the appointment outside their house. It is because you really need to know the facilities that breeder has and the condition of the dog has risen. You are better not to buy or adopt the dog in pet shop. Usually, pet shop gets the dog from the breeders that do not care about the health of animal. The animals live in unhealthy condition. Talking about the price, we all know that Miniature French bulldog puppies are more expensive than another race. You can check the web of Miniature French Bulldog Puppies For Sale, black miniature French bulldog is £100, lovely French pup is £995, Stunning Kc Reg pups is £950, Quality True to type French bulldog boys are £1000 , Stunning Kc Reg French Bulldog puppy is £1.100 and £1.300 for Kc French Bulldog puppy.

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