Things You Should Do Before Adopting Golden Retriever Puppies Az

Golden retriever dog is one of the most popular dog in the world especially in Arizona, United State. No wonder if many people want to adopt Golden retriever puppies Az (Arizona). Golden retriever puppies are known as cute and lively puppies. They will be your good and cute friends at home. However, before you adopt these puppies, you got many things to do and consider, about the facts, their treatments and how to train them. This article will give you tips to be considered before choosing golden retriever puppies for you to adopt.

Golden Retriever Puppies Az

Before you commit to raise Golden retriever puppies, you have to know the facts and characteristic of Golden retriever to make sure that your life style is not colliding with the characteristic of the dogs. For your information, Golden retriever puppies are in the third place of the most popular dog race in this world. It is because their personality is friendly and they are easy to adapt even though they live with their owner in crowded city or even in the village. They like running or go walking. They also like interacting and playing with children. You will find that they are easy to be trained and friendly to other pets in your house. However, Golden retriever puppies and dogs can’t be left alone for long time. If you want to train them to stay in their cage, you will need long time to do it.

Golden retriever puppies and dogs are known having well behaved. However, they will rampage if they don’t get attention from the family member of their owner. They need to interact to people to keep them happy. Raising Golden retriever is not suitable for you if you have job that makes you busy all day long. But if you have made choice to raise Golden retriever puppies, you should know that you are going to give your time to train them such as poop and urine in the right place, train them to have good behave when they wear bridle. For the first year vaccination, Golden retriever puppies need to see the veterinarian. Of course, you will spend more money for your puppies. When they are still puppies you have to make sure the safety in your home, keep away your food and your glassware from your puppies.

If you want to choose Golden retriever puppies, you can go to the breeders. Do not make a appointment outside the breeder house. You need to know the condition of the puppies’ parent have been raised. Before you choose the puppies, you have to ask the breeder about the medical history of puppies’ parent. In general Golden retriever dog has good health condition but there are aspects of heredity you should know like cancer and liver diseases. Cancer is the main diseases that kill Golden retrieved. However, indication of cancer in their medical history do not always sign that they have dangerous condition of health. Actually, researcher have not found yet whether cancer is hereditary disease. It is because more than half of Golden retriever have potential to suffered cancer. Other disease is dysplasia of the groin. It is genetic disease and will make your puppies tormented. If your puppies have this disease, the treatment is expensive. Make sure that the parent of the puppies has undergone dysplasia test and x-ray scan regularly to make sure that they are not suffering the disease. The third dangerous disease is liver disease. It is one of common disease of Golden retriever dogs. If the puppies have already suffered liver disease they can die suddenly. You need to make sure that there are no sign of the disease. However, you still can raise puppies that have liver disease but you need to discuss with vet to monitor the health of your puppies.

Although you just want to adopt a golden retriever puppy, you need to ask the breeder to show all puppies they have. You need to inspect how they behave to each other. Choose puppies that can interact with other puppies well. Pay attention puppies’ reaction toward moving things. You should choose active and smart puppies. Good puppies will catch the rolling ball and share toys to other puppies. You need to choose puppies that are not shy if they are separate from their friends. In first seven or eight weeks, they need to feel curious about their new environment. They should explore your home and interact with you. But do not select aggressive puppies. If the puppies are too brave and always interested with all things near them, you need more time to train them.

If you have already bring them home, you should know how to look after the Golden retriever puppies. About their food, you have to pay attention with their nutrition. You can feed them with dog food with good ingredient. It is because they have long feather, you can give them food that contain Vitamin E for their skin and feather. You have pay attention to their feather, the longer feather they have the more bacteria and dirt are with them. You need to bathe them once a week. In bathing them, you should use special shampoo and do not bathe them with hot water. After bathing your puppies, immediately you need to dry their feather by using towel that has high absorption you also can use hair dryer after that. Talking about the training you can go out with them in the morning and evening. To make the puppies understand, you can open the same door if you want to go out with them. This is effective way to train the puppies so that they will urine outside your house. You can also give simple command to them like sit and bring a thing they can give it to you. Do not forget to give them applause, compliment and food if they can do what you want them to do. That is about the facts and tips to raise Golden retriever puppies Az, happy playing with your dog.

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