Tips for Adopting Scott American Bulldog Puppies for Sale

A bulldog is considered a favorite pet due to their versatility, stocky build and amiability. Bulldog is especially favored because they are formidable. There are variants of bulldog, with American bulldog considered the biggest, the tallest and the most powerful. If you want to adopt an American bulldog, you can buy either Johnson or Scott American bulldog puppies for sale. Here we will look into the reasons why you should choose an American bulldog, the difference between Johnson and Scott American bulldogs, and how to find a breeder that can provide you with the puppy.

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Why Should You Adopt an American Bulldog?

As said above, bulldog is a breed with many variations. There are three that are considered the most famous: the original English bulldog, French bulldog, and American bulldog. Among the three, French bulldog is the smallest and thus the most suitable for people looking for a lap dog with formidable look but amiable attitude, English bulldog is a medium-sized bulldog that is considered the origin of all bulldog variants, and American bulldog is the tallest, the biggest and the strongest.

There are several reasons why choosing an American bulldog as your pet is a good idea.

  1. American bulldog is a versatile dog.

American bulldog is historically regarded as an all-around versatile utility dog. During the agricultural era, American bulldogs were hired for many different purposes, including as farm dogs that help keep livestock and round up feral pigs, guardian dogs that keep their master’s property, and household pets. Just pick any specific jobs for a dog and an American bulldog can mostly do them.

  1. American bulldog is large, tall and athletic.

Of all bulldog variants, American bulldog is possibly the largest and the most agile. Their size and agility are perhaps the reason why they can be quite useful for everyone. If you want to have a large dog that you can be proud of, you will find an American bulldog a perfect pet to keep. If you want a pet for hunting or simply to accompany you when jogging, an American bulldog is also an excellent choice, especially because American bulldog loves outdoor activities more than their English and French counterparts do.

  1. American bulldog has amiable attitude.

American bulldog is a confident and sociable breed. If you train them to respect other dogs and people, they can quickly learn it. They will not bark unless necessary and they can be close to anyone quite quickly. Because they consider their relationship with their human fellow important, they often become very emotional and need attention. This can be a negative trait, but it can actually open a big chance for you to get close to your beloved pet. If you want to build a true friendship with your pet, keep an American bulldog instead of anything else, especially because compared with French bulldog, American bulldog is considered much more loyal to their human family.

  1. They are great friend for everyone.

Every adult person will surely find American bulldog a reliable friend, but do you know that despite their large and ferocious look, they can actually be a great playmate for children and a companion for senior people? With proper training, an American bulldog can be very close to children. Their big and stocky build is harmless for your children and their friends. They will also get along well with senior people who certainly need a faithful friend to spend the last years of their life with.

There are so many good things to say about American bulldog; however, remember that they also have some negative traits. For example, American bulldog is not the most hygienic pet to keep. Flatulence and drooling will become your problem if you keep an American bulldog as your pet.

Johnson or Scott American Bulldogs

If you decide to keep an American bulldog as your pet, you need to decide whether to keep a Johnson bulldog or a Scott bulldog. Both breeds are named according to the first person who bred them: John D. Johnson and Allan Scott respectively. Here are several points that distinguish a Johnson American bulldog from a Scott American bulldog.

  1. Johnson American Bulldogs
  • Johnson American bulldog is larger than Scott American bulldog.
  • When standing, their height is somewhere between 23 and 27 inches on their shoulder.
  • Johnson American bulldog closely resembles an English bulldog with their boxy head and broad chest.
  1. Scott American Bulldog
  • Scott American bulldog is slightly smaller than their Johnson counterpart.
  • When standing, their height is between 22 and 27 inches on their shoulder.
  • Scott American bulldog closely resembles an American pit bull terrier. In fact, unless you notice their taller body, you may mistake them for their terrier cousin.
  • Their head is narrower than that of Johnson American bulldog and their muzzle is also longer.

Both variants are categorized as American bulldogs; however, Scott American bulldog is often considered the “standard” American bulldog due to their more unique look and attitude. Johnson American bulldog, on the other hand, still resembles an English bulldog.

How to Adopt an American Bulldog

There are several things to consider if you want to adopt an American bulldog. You can start by deciding whether to get a Johnson bulldog or a Scott bulldog. Both choices are acceptable, but if you are looking for a standard American bulldog, you should definitely look into the Scott variant.

After deciding the variant that you want to adopt, you can now consult an entity that can provide you with the dog. You can actually adopt an adult American bulldog from a dog rescue if you want to skip the hassles of training a young dog and taking care of their medical needs; however, if you prefer to start from a clean slate by purchasing a fresh puppy, you should definitely go to a breeder. Finding a breeder that can provide you with Johnson or Scott American bulldog puppies for sale is not difficult. What is difficult is determining their reputation. Therefore, check the credentials of the breeder first before you buy a dog from them.

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