Tips Giving the Best Dog Food for Lab Puppies and the Diet

Having a pet at homes can be a friend for the owner. It can accompany the owner when the he or she is alone at house. Having a pet should pay attention on the food and also the growth of it. However, feeding a pet cannot be done without certain rule. If the owner gives too many food, it can make the pet fat. Being fat is good, but being obesity is not good. Therefore, this article provides the information on the best dog food for Labrador Puppies and the diet.

Best Dog Food For Lab Puppies

  1. Introduction of Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever, the most favorite breed of dog for Americans. Actually, the Labrador is the understated dog of Newfoundland. Though the name is, the Newfoundland dog is from Newfoundland, and the Labrador name, taken from the sea near Newfoundland, the Labrador Sea. High Labrador as adults can reach 56-57cm, with weight 25-30 cm. As a child, around 2 months of age, I found it difficult to distinguish between golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers because they are similar. One of the hallmarks of this dog is a short, plain feather. There are 3 colors, namely yellow, brown, and black. The most favorite color is yellow, and indeed the yellow color shows that the dog is friendly and not grumpy. While the color of chocolate is the most rarely encountered. If the brown color, the nose was also brown.

The Labrador retriever’s body is very strong because its waist is strong. The tail length is medium, but basically very thick. Labrador legs are designed to swim in water, therefore, the soles of his feet together. One thing of excellence from the Labrador is that they are dogs that have the longest water jump. Can reach 27 feet. This type of dog is also very happy to run. Labrador retriever is a healthy dog ​​type. But indeed in the legs, joints, and groin often occur injury, and it hurts very much. In the eye also when the old, there is a blind. But for other organs, this dog is healthy, no problem. Labrador retrievers’ age, estimated between 12 to 13 years.

The character of the Labrador can already be seen from his face. Friendly, easy to socialize, and no problem if brought closer to the children. In fact, to be friends with other animals can. Labrador retriever is a dog easily trained, and easy to follow. Just like the golden retriever, while playing catch-throwing, the Labrador catches up quickly, but smoothly, so that when taking any eggs, its eggs do not break. This is because they have soft mouth.

If you want to keep this dog, you should have a spacious home, because when these dogs are young they really like to run. But to be kept in Indonesia, not a problem for this dog, they are suitable for all weather. If you are interested in keeping this dog, believe me, the Labrador retriever is a good friend.

  1. Tips To Choose the Best Dog Food

Do you know? Choosing foods for pet dogs cannot be careless, because it can affect their health.
Then, how do we know the dog food is good for them. Here are tips for choosing a good dog food for our beloved dog at home.
1. Try to choose a dog food that has a protein content of less than 30%. In tropical countries like Indonesia, dogs do not require high protein. Excess protein will result in itching, bent leg bones such as calcium deficiency, kidney stones, etc.
2. The best fat content for dogs in our country ranges from 12% – 20%. For dogs that are poor digestion, like diarrhea should be selected dog food low fat.
3. Do not be influenced by excessive promotion of dog food with famous brand. Because not necessarily suitable.
4. Choose dog food whose expiry date is still long.
5. The trial period of about 2 weeks, if within 2 weeks does not seem any interference means the dog food is suitable.

  1. Tips to Diet for Labrador Dog

There are 5 tips that can help your dog who is obese or overweight for diet or lose weight. Whatever the name, these 5 tips can be done in helping your dog to reduce overweight.

  • Discuss with the veterinarian

This is your first step. Veterinarians can tell the ideal weight & height of your dog so you can strategics for the dog to return to its normal size. Veterinarians can also help you recognize the risks that can occur in dogs when you start a new routine for your dog. Always discuss with your veterinarian before you change your exercise pattern or start a weight-loss program for obese dogs.

  • Do Sports Regularly

Many dogs with weight problems have similar problems with dogs who have behavioral problems. They do not get enough physical exercise that can stimulate their body. For the sake of your dog’s health, it is very important to increase sports activities for him. Start with a short period of time, and gradually lengthen the exercise time and more intensely. Overweight dogs are at risk of overheating and have respiratory problems, so you should be careful. Veterinarians can tell you the level of practice that your dog can accept.

  • Change the type of food to the food weight controller

These foods can help the dog to get the ideal weight, in addition to providing the energy and nutrients needed by dogs. Remember, the material that is on the earliest drag on the food label, is the most widely used material in the dog food. Look for dog food with top quality meat top dog food label. For example, Dog Whisperer formula is organic chicken, a lean, a healthy source of protein. The formula should also include a natural nutritional supplement that can reduce fat that has been accumulated and comes with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Plus, there is no chemical preservative, artificial coloring, artificial flavor or added sugar.

  • Reduce the snack

Snacks for dogs can add some calories to a dog’s diet, just like human food. If you want to give a gift for your dog, look for other alternatives.

  • Do not blame sterilization. That’s just a myth

Dogs will not get fat just because they are sterilized. Just like humans, dogs will gain weight if they eat too much and too little exercise or their fattening problems are caused by genetic problems. Increase the dog’s weight experienced by many owners after their dogs are sterilized because they keep feeding high-energy foods to a dog that has reduced the need for energy as they grow older.

The important thing that should be cared is giving food based on the needs. Don’t give too many foods in order to avoid the obesity. Hope this article entitled Tips Giving the Best Dog Food for Lab Puppies and the Diet can solve the reader’s problem in choosing the right food for their pets.

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