Understanding about Electric Training Collar for Dogs

Did you have a dog? They, you should train him to stay in the yard, you might consider getting electric training collar for dogs. This is also important for any dog was new to your home. You can try several devices to train. They are electric collar, shock collar or remote training collar that can be the best option for your dog. So, this also makes you wonder about how is training collar work on your dog. The other collar type that you can use in your family dog is called shock collar. Actually, this is help to reduce the unwanted and stubborn behavior. This type had been highly used in 1960s. The collar is used to keep the dog safe and stay within property line. This is also providing training to know where is they can stay.

Electric Training Collar For Dogs

However, you should know that collar shock was not used to punish dog. Actually, this is only used to reduce unwanted behavior as mentioned before. It gives warning not to do those behaviors. As the result, those certain things can reduce the behavior. However, you can choose the device that you want based on your preference assumption. Of course, each of them has pros and cons in that way.

The shock collar, electronic dog collar and remote training collar are mostly used in 4 areas, they are:

–    Keeping the dogs inside your property.

As mentioned before that one of underlying reason why you consider to get these devices is to keep the dogs inside your property and telling them to stay within the property line.

–    Stopping dogs from barking

The collar will deliver the correction automatically if the dog starts barking. If your dog continues to bark then duration, force and frequency can increase automatically as well.

–    Train your dog and stopping the problem of dog behavior

The collar shock becomes the most commonly used for the off leash training. However, several dog trainers and pet owners also use it for the behavior problems, such as dog aggression and food aggression as well.

–    Teach the dog to keep away from dangerous animal and other objects.

The most common use is train them to get away from dangerous animal which can threat their life and teach your dog not to approach the dangerous animal in the future.

Shock collar vs. Electronic collar

However, you should know that not all of the electronic collars were uses as the shock collar. There are 3 main modes, they are: beep mode, vibrate mood and shock mode. All of the electronic collars have the shock function, but beep and vibrate function are optional based on your need. There are some brands of electric training collar for dogs that you check them through the official site.

  1. The beep mode

In this mode, beep sound is emitted anytime the collar controller is pressed. This beep also can use as the marker. For the beep can be as an effective marker, a dog also needs the prior training to relate the beep sound with the positive or negative consequences as well. For example, if the beep always precedes the sought after getting reward, your dog might stop and wait, because your dog knows that something good was coming. In another side, your dog might freeze when he hears the beep sound, because he knows his failures to comply then followed by shock. Beep sound is also able to cause startle response which similar when blowing the whistle.

  1. The vibrate mood

In this mode, the collar will vibrate similarly with phone vibrates to catch our attention. Similar with beep mode, this vibrate can be used as the marker or interrupt as well. Both of beep and vibrate mood can cause the electric shock on your dog.

  1. The shock mode

In shock mode, this collar electronic will deliver the electric shock through the 2 contact points on your dog’s neck. This shock currently can cause pain and physical inconvenience on dog; otherwise, it will not be effective in conditioning your dog. The number of pain delivers to the dog also depending on these 3 main factors:

–    The current duration

–    The voltage of electronic

–    The current frequency.

The amount of pain which dog actually feel also depending on their physical characteristic, such as: fur, size, skin and dog temperament. Some dogs might more sensitive with pain than others. Sometimes, terms of stimulation can be used to describe the shock collars. If you consider getting this device, you should make a decision based on actually pros and cons of the system. You also need to analyze your need whether you really need this device or not.

The Pros

  1. Allow us to control amount of pain  and control the pain from a distance

Too much force can make our dog stress and fearful, in other side when the pain is too little force, your dog might get habituated with correction and just ignore it. This is unlike with other aversive methods. This remote training collar will allow the user easily to adjust the amount of pain and keep that level consistently. We are also able to control the pain from a distance. However, the actual pain on dog also depending on some factors as mentioned before.

  1. This automatically delivers the shock correction, even when we were not there

There is also another challenge to implement the proper correction. We might want to correct our dog as soon as perform and stops him as soon as possible.

The cons

  1. Might increase the dog’s aggressive

According to the study, dog that kept on shock containment system can show the extreme aggression to human and beyond their normal behavior.  This also can cause the anxiety or negative association, then finally can cause the aggression.

2. Might increase stress on dog and reduce their life quality

Some studies show that electric training collar for dogs can increase the stress level and bring risks to use even within short term.

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