What is The Best Dog Food for Yorkie Puppies?

It is not easy to feed a small dog, especially a puppy, in this time we will talk a lot about Yorkies. What is the best dog food for Yorkie puppies? They often refuse to eat, they have rather different nutritional needs. And what more? It can easily overfed or even underfed, making it a challenge to raise puppies.

Best Dog Food For Yorkie Puppies

Yorkies, generally, are easily getting stomach problem, they are prone to food issues. Thus, being reckless in their sustenance, you’ll find out, how hard it can be to clean a gross doggy messes. So article this time will mostly talk about how should you feed your Yorkie puppies, and what is the best nutrient for them.

The Characteristic of Yorkies

People will find this breed is rather small-sized but they are known for their good personality, they can be a loving companion. They have elegant look, easy to raise in an apartment, and one of the most popular dogs throughout the United States.

The breed’s name is formerly known as Yorkshire Terrier and then cut down to Yorkie. They are confident in nature, with their long coat and dashing topknot, Yorkie is absolutely one of the most elegant in the dog world. They surely attract attention to people and other dogs.

Due to their small stature they often carried in style, moreover with widely known special dog toted purses, both the owner and the dogs won’t get out of attention. Let alone with their glorious tan and steel-blue colored coat, they are favorite pets for celebrity.

Not only that, they are often well-behaved, they always look out for any possible adventures. This seven pounds breed are affectionate towards their owner and family, a great trait for a capable companion dog.

Their terrier heritage makes them more careful and cautious with strangers, Yorkies are known to be sensitive and protective. Therefore it is important for the owners to teach them beforehand before disturbing neighbors with their loud bark. One have to know that Yorkshires can be aggressive to unfamiliar dogs, let alone squirrels, you have to pay more attention when walking them at the park.

Because of their childish nature, they need a lot of affection and attention from their owner. You should not leave them alone in the home for hours because they can get depressed easily. Due to their sensitiveness, they tend to understand your feeling quickly and do as much as they can to console you when you were sad.

Watch out of their temperament, they easily angered when they are startled and teased. However, they really are a good compatible for children. Moreover, they can get along well with other family pets, such as birds, cars, or even neighbor’s dogs.

You can say that Yorkshires are usually considered as a healthy pet. But not all breeds are immune to some health issues, so are Yorkies. They are prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, thrombopathia, and hypothyroidism. Thus, it is very important for you to visit veterinary periodically, or you can confirm their health beforehand with the breeders before buying or adopting them.

Best Nutritional Value and Food Ingredient for Yorkies

The Yorkshire terriers are considered small dogs (usually around seven pounds), so they generally don’t need food as much as other bigger dogs. If you have around 3-pounds Yorkie, it will need roughly 150 calories per day (considering your dogs are at the mature stage). For the bigger one, usually, they need roughly 200 calories each day.

You have to know that this breed is known for having a small stomach capacity. So you have to watch carefully their food portion each meal. They can get sick easily if they overfed, by separating the daily ration into four meals will do the trick.

Also, like all other breeds, Yorkies need a lot of protein supply. So, giving them a meat-based meal (chicken, fish, turkey, lamb, and beef) is the best, you don’t have to worry, cause most of the commercial dog foods are made from those ingredients. One thing you have to certain is, to never give them protein outside meat-based one, cause they are lacking in actual nutrition.

Carbohydrates are usually found in most of dog foods. However, some carbs are not going well in Yorkie’s stomach, it will be hard for them to digest certain carbs (especially in corn and soy). The best carb-based food for them is from rice (brown one) and yam (sweet potato)

The other thing you have to think thoroughly is a fat-containing food. Some brands are known don’t have much fat on them. Maintaining fair amounts of fats will guarantee your Yorkshire terrier to have long and dashing coats. Some people even look for dog food that contains fish oil in it.

For the texture, the best food for Yorkie is a dry food. Toy breeds are known to have dental problems, so are Yorkies. Thus, dry food is the best choice because it goes well with your dog’s canine. But, it does not rule out the possibility to give them a wet one, just don’t give them regularly.

Health Problems You Have to Be Cautious for

Yorkshire Terrier has a sensitive tummy if you give them a wrong kind of diet, you’ll know the consequences of this small poop machines. If your dog is included in the small type Yorkie, it has a high probability of getting hypoglycemia, dropping its blood sugar if underfed.

Moreover, this breed is prone to get this issues since they are picky eaters, always remember to feed them on time with a tight nutrition control. You can feed them with something they like, so they won’t be too picky. Separate the meals, so they can eat regularly. You also can give her some supplement and healthy treats to chew on.

Those are some insights of Yorkie breed that you have to know. Always watch out their nutritional and mental needs so they will have less probability of getting some major health issues. You can always look for best dog food for Yorkie puppies fairly easy.

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