What to Do When Choosing French Bulldog Rescue Florida

You can find several French bulldog rescue Florida. When you decide to choose French bulldog as your pet, there are several things that need to be done especially when you get one from a dog shelter or Florida French Bulldog Rescue. Here are some things you need to know if you want to adopt a French bulldog from a rescue organization or dog shelter.

What you should do when you want to adopt a dog from a shelter?

The first thing that need to be done is checking the Florida’s French Bulldog Rescue organization and see if there are any dogs or puppies available to be adopted. Don’t worry if they don’t have any, you can list your name to the organization, so you will be notified if there is a dog available to be adopted.

French Bulldog Rescue Florida

Usually, a meeting arrangement will be made if you are interested with a dog on the organization, then you should follow the organization’s steps and procedure. The Florida French Bulldog Rescue, just like the usual rescue organizations, will require you to fill an extensive multi page application and submit to a home visit. Also, they are quite selective in choosing where they place their charges.

Another way to adopt a French bulldog is by contacting the Florida chapter of the French Bulldog Rescue Network and asks if there is any dog available for adoption. You can go to their website and navigate through the map section and then send an email to the provided address on the site. You will be contacted by Florida’s French Bulldog Rescue Network in no time. You don’t have to worry because the organization is at national level. Their Florida’s branch is pretty active and there are a lot of French bulldog lovers who work hard to find a new home to their beloved dogs. You can put your name on the list if there are no dogs available for adoption, or you just go straight to them and ask if they have any puppies in rescue. An important thing for you is that you can adopt a French bulldog through the organization even if the dog is located far away from your location. The dog will be transferred to an appointed place or home visit provided by a volunteer from the organization in your area. IF you agree to adopt the dog, it will be transferred from volunteer to another volunteer until it reaches your home. So, you don’t have to worry if your dog is coming from Tallahassee but you are currently living in Key West. There are a lot of ways if you are willing to do it.

Using PetFinder app could be useful for you. You can limit your search radius by using your zip code and check if there is any adoptable dog around your area. You can choose what kind of dog you are currently interested in. Breed, age, species, and gender can be chosen when you use the app. After you put your zip code and French bulldog keyword, you will find list of it and where they belong. Note that puppies tend to disappear from the list faster because of the high demand. Check every day to get a better result. Taking a young dog has a greater possibility compared to taking a puppy. You will have higher possibility if you are looking for an older dog. There are several reasons that make purebred puppies come into a rescue. Wrong treatment, cannot raise it well, newly born French bulldog that needs home, and many more.

If that is done, there is also the need to train, groom, and grow.

It is best for you if you train your Frenchie from a very young age. The whine of your newly born Frenchie will be always remembered by its owner. You can take and cuddle them for a while until you feel that they are comfortable enough to be put back to their crate. Warm blanket and ticking clock will make the newborn calm and relieved. A new breed is a stubborn one, so you need to train them with patient. Start it by covering the area around the crate with newspaper. When you see the newborn puppy relieve itself, you can praise and cuddle them for a while. Gradually, you can decrease the size of the newspaper covered area until it is enough for you, then try to take the newspaper outside. In a couple of weeks, you may find your dog on the outside, relieving itself without any help from newspaper.

Having a healthy dog is always the goal of every Frenchie owner. You should maintain an optimal weight, especially on its chest area and hind legs. A mix of dry weight control food and soft food twice a day is good for your Frenchie. Treats such as low fat bones, peel-less apple slices, and carrots can be used to praise your Frenchie. Keep in mind that too many treats is not good for your dog so adjust it well.

Frenchie like to lounge, and when it comes to lounging, nails can be your dog’s biggest problem. You can trim your dog’s nail at home or pet shop to keep the cuticle at a safe size. Bath your dog once every week is a must. As you may know, Frenchie is a short hair breed, so it will leave a lot of hair around your house. It is important to keep your Frenchie away from water since it is a bad thing if your dog gets wet accidentally, especially on the head and ears. When cleaning your Frenchie’s muzzle, you should use a cue-tip and a little amount of soapy water and clean the ear by wiping it, not probing it.

There are several ways to let yourself adopt a French bulldog. Florida’s French Bulldog Rescue or French Bulldog Rescue Network’s Florida Branch are good place to go. Also, you can use an app such as PetFinder to see if there is any Frenchie available around your area. But, before deciding to adopt a Frenchie from French bulldog rescue Florida, make sure that you know how to treat and train them.

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