Where to Buy a French Bulldog

Are you wondering about where to buy a French bulldog? The truth is you should be picky in choosing the place where you want to buy your dream dog. We all know that there are many breeders outside. Some of them are good and reputable but there are many bad breeders as well. If you really care about the condition of the puppies, you should never buy from bad breeders. What you should know is that bad breeders are often guilty of mistreatment when breeding the animals. As a result, many puppies from bad breeders end up having health issues that you only realize later. To simply make sure whether the breeder is good or not, visit their kennel. Check out by yourself whether they have appropriately been taking care and breeding the dogs or not. If you do not see any of that, walk away and find other breeders. Make sure to not buy from puppy mills. They are illegal and the dogs are often in bad shape due to mistreatment.

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List of Reputable Place to Buy French Bulldog

Below, we have listed some places or centers that will lead you to the good breeders whose puppies are in good shape for you to buy and raise. Feel free to check one by one until you feel sure of the puppies you are about to have.

  1. French Bulldogs Club of America

This is the first place you should take a look into. Also known as FBDCA, it was founded back in 1897 and has been one of the best French bulldogs clubs in the world. They always maintain the breed’s highest standards for the sake of the dogs and owners. They do not breed the dogs whose colors are not the best breed’s characteristics like black and tan, liver and blue color. Those are disqualifying colors. With many breeders joined this club, it is considerably easy for you to find the closest breeder for you to find your dream French bulldog puppy.

  1. Local Blue French Bulldogs Clubs

Local Blue French Bulldogs is another reputable place to find French bulldogs breeders in the US. You can ask them to give referrals to the good and reputable breeders. This club may not have too many breeders but at least you will always get a breeder within your area that you can get your puppy.

  1. American Kennel Club

We all know what American Kennel Club is and their role in giving health and breed certificate for all dog breeds. Apparently, they also have great lists of the local kennel clubs which can lead you to the good breeders available in your area. What you need to do to find information regarding the breeders’ location is very simply. Just access the AKC website and do the search online. Within a few seconds, you will already access long list of good breeders you may choose.

  1. Dog Rescue Programs

Here is another recommended place to find good breeders. The Dog Rescue Programs has the French Bulldog rescue program, a special program on rescuing French bulldogs in the US. They rescue the mistreated or neglected Frenchies across the US. The rescued dogs are in any ages from puppies to senior dogs. If you care about saving more lives, considering adopting these rescued dogs instead of buying from the breeders or pet store.

How to Choose Good French Bulldog Breeders

Simply said, choosing French bulldog breeder does require more efforts in terms of getting Frenchies in good shape. In this case, there are several things you need to look for when choosing the breeders:

  • Good breeders always register their dogs with American Kennel Club or AKC. This registration is the only legal pedigree-based canine kennel and legitimate DNA in US. Make sure that the breeders provide information regarding their puppies’ registration every time you visit a breeder. Remember that the right answer is always AKC registration. So, when they come up with other answer, leave them the second you hear the answer and find other breeders. This also helps you to recognize puppy mills on operation.
  • Good breeders dedicate large space amount inside and outside to breed the French bulldogs. You can easily notice how good the breeders are on how they treat their dogs and puppies. For good and reputable breeders, dogs are like their family and they treat them like how they treat their family. In other words, they always take care of their dogs very well by providing necessary accommodations and facilities such as air conditioner or heater, rooms with good insulation, special designated rooms for the puppies to play and relax.
  • Good breeders do not put the puppies inside kennel or crate all day long. Instead of putting the puppies in the kennel, they prefer to have fenced yard so the puppies can have great time playing around and relaxing. Open space is very important for dogs to grow up because it is their nature. Open space is like the safe havens for dogs and puppies and good breeder always understands it.
  • Good breeder doesn’t keep the dogs in small cages or cells. The moment you notice many small cages in line filled with dogs and puppies, you have come to puppy mills and this is completely illegal. Call the local animal welfare authorities to close the puppy mills.
  • Good breeder is always willing to take you to a short tour of their breeding facilities. They do not close their doors and keep everyone away from their breeding area. Instead, they welcome you to have direct interaction with all the dogs and puppies living in the area.

Good breeder is good with raising and taking care of dogs and puppies. In other words, you will not spot any neglected dog or dog in bad shape in the breeding area because all the dogs are always well taken care. All the dogs are always in great shapes. They are happy, active and healthy. So, when you have found breeder with those qualifications, you have just found the right place of where to buy a French bulldog.

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