Why it’s easy to find English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Florida?

For you who lived in Southeastern peninsula of USA don’t have to worry looking for a suitable friendly and cute pet. English Bulldog is your answer. There are plenty English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Florida enough for everyone. So why you must choose an English Bulldog out of others? Here a quick summary just for you!

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Florida

Back in the past days, when someone see bulldogs, they emit ferocious vibe and give an impresion that they will bite you anytime possible. Evenmore, Bulldogs originally was bred to be a sport pet to compete in a bloody competition known as bull baiting, or to herd cattle to the market. But, as the time passed, English bulldog become a gentle and docile companions, a great pet for those who have children in their house.

AKC standard says that this breed has kind, dignified, courageous yet pacific attitude. Hence, they are friendly, even with strangers. Although, the puppies rather frisky, unlike the other breed that more politely reserved. The adults like to spend their time on the sofa, snoring, making they need extra-care so they won’t get any health issues.

Physical traits of English Bulldogs

You could say that English Bulldog are a crablike waddle little powehouse, with great strength, vigor, and stability. They heave large and round head, with extremely short muzzle, giving the whole face look flattened. They have dark and eyes, wide forehead, have dense wrinkles, and their nose are black and short.

This Variant has massive, undershot, yet broad jaws, with the lower sticks out farther than the upper jaw, exposing the lower jaw incisor. The ears are thin and small, angling froward, framing the forehead. The lips are thick and fleshy, well rounded cheeks. Overall, English Bulldogs are wide, muscular, have broad shoulders, chests, head, and cheeks. Thus, making it, small, ferocious-looking, but very cute companion.

The English bulldogs have short yet thick neck with muscular, broad, and massive shoulders. With deep yet broad chest, their back is slightly arched and barreled. The tail is thick, with either screwed or the usual straight variant. They have stocky and short legs with dense muscle mass. They have rounded hips and protude slightly above the back.

This breed normally stands about 1.3 feet with weighs around 50 pounds for the female and 54 pounds for the male.  The skin is loose and slipping, with their signature traits, wrinkles. They came in various colors such as black, blue, brown, and lilac.

Their cute personalities will bewitch you

The English bulldogs have a sweet, docile, and gentle disposition. But don’t get them fool you, because, despite being gentle and sweer, they known to be protective and courageous. If you happen to own one, it will protect its family, making it dependable. This stubborn breed is a suitable pet for your family and they are loved by children and vice versa. They actively seeking human attention, enjoy languishing next to their master, demanding his/her love.

However, they still have the courage left from their ancestor that originally bred for the bloody sport, bull baiting, so they are a great watchdogs. Although, it’s not an issues to get along with other pets, English bulldogs can be considered aggressive to other dogs due to their protective character.

When they are mature, they tend to be more calm, but the puppies are rather playful. They have a serious food possesiveness. It is recommended to feed them when no other pets around and put it far from kids. One have to know, after you feed them, this kind of dog tend to slobber much.

Required living condition

English bulldogs are not hard to raise in a apartment because they do not require a large ground space to raise. Due to theri unique physical traits and their lazy character, they are typically have a low-endurance, so they need a extra-care on the exercise activity. They are the best pet in temperate climates, due to they have in breathing issues in rather hot weather, and chill easily in cold weather. However, its not a problem to raise this breed in a tropical climate, such as Florida. You only have to prevent them from overheating.

A Natural loud breathers, this breed tend to snore in their sleep, wheeze, and drool. So you have to pay attetion to their hygiene. To avoid skin infections, the wrinkles on their face should be wiped reguraly. Sometimes the sheds, also their fur require a little grooming.

Brief history of this breed

They known originated in the Britain, prior 13th century. There were some references mentioning  a certain dogs that chased after a bull through Stamford, back in 1209. This pursuit surely pleased the earl of Stamford back then, resulting the emerge of the known hellish sport of bull baiting in the town.

Their name originated in their past as a fighter pet in the bloody sport, bull baiting. The trained dogs would chase a bull and latch onto its tathered nose, they won’t let it go until they had locked their target to the ground, sometimes some of the dogs were killed by it.

Not only for sport, back in 15th century, bulldogs were formerly bred to help farmers controling their livestock (mainly catching or herding horses and cattle in legitimate (yet dangerous) way).

Over rougly 35 decades, until the bloody sport was officialy banned in 1835, with the the Bill of supression in 1802, English bulldogs were bred for the sake of bull baiting. Surprisingly, back in those dark days, an 80-pound English bulldog could  beat down an almost two thousand pound bull.

An exhibitor that loved English Bulldogs breeds saved them from brink of extiction after the ban, due to their rapid decrease in popularity. After that, English Bulldogs transform, from fighter dog to a lovely companion dog, some of them even became a show dog. When the first Show Bulldogs appeared, they had completely blackish color.

Nowadays, the English bulldog breed makes a great family pet. Although they have some issues if raised in a hot climate, but they still became a lovely and popular companion thoroughout Florida Peninsula. So, there are many English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Florida, making it easier to have one.

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