Why You Should Go for Beagles for Sale Near Me

There are many things to consider if you decided to search Beagles for sale near me. You have to know if beagle can fit with your surroundings or no. This type of dog has several behavior you need to know in order to raise them well. So, instead of wasting money to buy a dog that doesn’t suit your environment, it is better if you know a sneak peek of beagle’s behavior and what they will do once you get it from the store.

Any reason why I should choose a beagle?

Beagle is a small dog with adorable looks, cuteness, and loving personality. This type of dog is famous because it loves playing with your family on the house. Whether you want to adopt or buy a beagle, it is good if you consider the adoption first and make a plan so your dog can live for a long time. As you may know, beagle has a long life span, which is 12 to 15 years. The price for a puppy beagle is around $300 to $800, and the seller can include the packaging service or no. After buying it, you also should consider the foods, treats, groom, bedding, routine, and emergency stuff. All of these matters require you to spend around $500 each year.

puppy beagle on sale

Beagle is an active dog so you have to be around it and make sure your beagle have enough time to play and spend its energy on positive things such as playing or walking around. Also, the dog has a tendency to sniff out to almost every scent that come into its nose, making it a dangerous thing if you didn’t put it on a leash or fence your house well. The first thing you should do after getting your beagle is to train it. Beagle is known for its intelligent and stubbornness, especially when it comes to food. Beagle can be mischievous or destructive when acquiring its food. A consistent training with carrot and stick method can be done regularly to make your beagle behave well. Note that the behavior is true for both puppies and adults.

If your children begging you for a beagle, you have to pay attention that it’s you who will take a good care of the beagle. Make sure that you also can take the responsibility to care for the dog. Your kid won’t pay attention on its food, treats, or grooming so keep that in mind. When you get a beagle from the nearest pet shop or dog shelter, always watch your kids when playing with your beagle. You don’t want your kids to experience an accident with your dog. Also, you have to consider that your growing children will have fewer time at home as they get older, leaving you to “abandon” the dog because of your activity. So, make a great plan so you won’t do that thing to your beagle.

As I mentioned before, it is best to have your beagle leashed when outside or you make an outside playground with a well-built fence so your beagle won’t go anywhere. Beagle is interested to almost every scent that come into their nose, so keep that in mind. It also tends to bark and howl a lot, making it as a great nuisance to your neighbor. Short hair dog like beagle will shed a lot, so if you have allergies, you shouldn’t get one.

Picking an adult beagle is always a wiser choice than picking a pupper.

Picking an adult beagle over a puppy have its own merits. There are several reasons that you should consider to get an adult beagle instead of the puppy one. Although there are many puppy beagle on sale, you should try to get an adult beagle from the nearest dog shelter. Logically, puppies are not good for children. This is because they have a lot of energy, mixed with limited control to their biting and mouthing behavior. Don’t forget about its sharp teeth, so having a puppy may cause harm to your children. Also, they tend to chew and destroy everything if there is no one to play with. While the adult one usually have calmer behavior and already have a developed personalities, making it safer to pick for your child’s safety. When choosing an adult dog, you can observe it first when your child play with it.

The uncontrolled chewing behavior of a puppy dog should be put into consideration. Puppy dog tends to chew and always want to play. Note that they don’t know what they are chewing, so you don’t want your favorite Yeezy to be chewed by your beagle. Of course, you can train it to remove its chewing behavior. If you are ready to spend a great amount of time to train your beagle, you may consider to take a puppy beagle to your home. On the other side, adult beagles usually don’t have this uncontrolled chewing behavior, which is safer to you and your family.

If you decided to housetrain your dog, make sure that you know its bladder time. You can add one hour for each month your dog have been alive. So, a two month beagle can hold its bladder for two hours, three month old can hold for 3 hours, and so on up to eight to ten hours. It is good if you have a lot of free time. It is not the best option if you are an active career seeker or a full time worker. But, if you work for home, or there is anyone in your family who can teach your dog, it is not a big problem. Taking it to a doggy day care is a great option, but you need to have your dog to be vaccinated. Adult dog can stay at your home without causing real problems. It is recommended to adopt an adult beagle from a local dog rescue near your place.

As you noticed above, there are a lot of considerations when choosing beagle as your pet. Generally, adult beagle is much safer for you and your family since they don’t have bad behavior that can ruin your house or things. It is better to get an adult beagle from your local dog shelter because by doing that way, you will save a dog from its poor life. But you can also go for puppy beagles for sale near me if you have time to train and play with them.

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